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Martina Müntzing


Born in Helsingborg in 1968, Martina Müntzing is a painter whose time-intensive works engage deeply with the concept of time. This notion first enters the works gently, through the slow, meticulous approach she permits herself to take. Never is there a visible brushstroke to be found. If we see brushstrokes as a metric of time, by allowing the works to take time, her subjects seem to somehow freeze time. Her works are a nod to masters like Fra Angelico and Carl Larsson, whose works capture moments that teeter between existence and dissolution, solid form and transparency.

Müntzing studied at the Royal Institute of Art and has been exhibited at venues such as the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, Uppsala Art Museum, Liljevalchs, Moderna Museet and Millesgården. In 2001, she was a resident at the IASPIS studio in London. She has created several public commissions for the Swedish Parliament, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University Hospital. Müntzing’s work is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet, Norrköping Art Museum, the Swedish Public Art Agency, and the municipal collections of Stockholm, Uppsala, and Skåne.

Selected Press

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