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Tincuţa Marin Line, Point, Form and Colour

August 24 — September 21, 2023


We are delighted to present Tincuţa Marin’s first solo presentation in Scandinavia. Having previously shown her work at CFHILL in the group exhibition Mirror, Mirror? Contemporary Selfhood in Romanian Art surveying Romanian contemporary art, Line, Point, Form & Colour invites the viewer to further discover Marin’s magical universe. 

As the title indicates, Line, Point, Form & Colour sees Marin further refine her pictorial world. The flattened perspective is given depth through oil paint and stick in luminous gemstone hues. Between dreams and reality, Marin’s enigmatic still-lifes echo the uncanny, forlorn scenes of Giorgio de Chirico, while her anthropomorphic characters share kinship with surreal fellow Romanian Victor Brauner. Additional affinities can be found with the bold aesthetics of the Expressionist and COBRA movements, yet Marin’s cosmos is at the same time entirely personal. 

Influences of ancient Egyptian art are evident, both formally and symbolically. The sphinx is introduced to Marin’s mythological world, inhabited by her blazing sun Bigfoot alter-ego. This enigmatic character, guardian of the pharaohs, a chimaera connecting the human, animal, and divine realms. These hybrids underscore Marin’s fascination with tensions that surround us, between the real and the imaginary, the mundane and the magical, the animalistic and the divine, or the battle of good and evil.

Born in 1995 in Galaţi, Tincuţa Marin is a Romanian painter who lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her previous exhibitions include solo presentations at the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum; Double Q Gallery, Hong Kong and Jecza Gallery, Timisoara which also represents the artist from 2021. Selected group exhibitions include Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, QContemporary Museum  Budapest, Tajan Gallery Paris, Richter Gallery in Rome, David Kovats Gallery London and Sector 1, Bucharest. Marin will participate in the exhibition Picasso Effect at the Museum of Recent Art in Bucharest in collaboration with the Picasso Museum, the largest retrospective of Picasso’s works in Romania.

Introduction to Tincuţa Marin Line, Point, Form and Colour

 August 17, 2023.