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Hanna Hansdotter 2.0 March 6 —March 28 2020


Hanna Hansdotter 2.0 

In early summer of 2018, the great palace hall at CFHILL was filled with 25 objects. Half a metre tall, they glistened and glimmered in pink, nacre, intense yellow, and greyish black, their contorted, bubbly, slanting and bulging bodies squirming, slithering. While Hanna Hansdotter calls them sculptures, they’re more akin to living alien organisms with one single function: to seduce and hypnotise. It was her first gallery show — and a febrile success. Now, the Skåne-born artist returns with a new, even wilder generation of glass bodies. 

Introduction to Hanna Hansdotter 2.0

 March 5, 2020.