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Jesper Waldersten Slutet är fantastiskt!

February 15 — March 15, 2024


In the ethereal space between dreams and reality, where imagination takes flight and narratives are woven with strokes of genius, lies the captivating world of Jesper Waldersten. As we prepare to unveil his latest exhibition, Slutet är fantastiskt! (The end is fantastic!), we embark on a profound exploration of Waldersten’s artistic mind.

Waldersten, born in 1969 and residing in Mariefred, has garnered recognition across multiple mediums of expression: drawing, writing, poetry, photography, music, sculpture and painting. Initially hailed as a satirist and sought-after illustrator, his creative evolution over the past 15 years has taken many forms, always characterized by its unpredictability, brilliance, and disquieting charm. 

In conversation with art scholar Lo Hallén, Waldersten shares insights into his creative process, offering glimpses into the enigmatic landscapes of his imagination. Like a wanderer in the forest of creativity, he loses himself in a place where intellect yields to intuition, and each stroke of paint becomes a manifestation of unfettered expression. It is here Waldersten’s visions emerge - in the shape of 23 new paintings and a new sculpture created in collaboration with Herman Bergman Bronsgjuteri, installed as a centerpiece in the main hall.

We are thrilled to join up with Waldersten and unveil his first solo show at CFHILL. Welcome to the glorious end!

Introduction to Jesper Waldersten Slutet är fantastiskt!

 February 13, 2024.