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Isak Hall

March 22 — April 19, 2024


Isak Hall, a renowned artist known for his exploration of the ethereal, invites us to delve into the enigmatic landscapes of his latest exhibition. Building on the foundations from his previous works, Fatamorgana from Bror Hjorth museum in Uppsala, and Atlas at CFHILL, Hall’s new collection serves as a continuation of his artistic journey, offering viewers a glimpse into realms beyond the confines of reality, beyond narratives, time and space. Here, each painting is an exploration of the unknown, where mirages dance on the horizon and dreams intertwine with reality.

What sets Hall’s work apart is not just the subject matter, but the profound craftsmanship and painting methodology that underpins each brushstroke. Inspired by ancient techniques and Renaissance masters, Hall employs a blend of precious natural pigments, tempera, oil, and varnish on panel, which breathes life into his visions with a depth and luminosity rarely seen in contemporary art.

By combining these techniques with imagery and light that seem otherworldly, Hall’s paintings stand as monuments to the human spirit’s boundless quest for understanding. From the towering peaks of celestial mountains to the tranquil waters of mystical rivers, each composition is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft, and relentless pursuit of beauty in all its forms. As we traverse these landscapes, we are reminded that art is not merely a reflection of reality, but a gateway to worlds unseen.

Hall is an artist who attempts (and arguably succeeds) to luminate the dimmed corridors of the mind, where reality bends and refracts like light through a prism. Back in 2018, Isak Hall earned a stipend from the Swedish church with the exceptionally appropriate wording ‘for his endeavor to give form to the unfathomable’. We expect this exhibition will be no exception – join us in navigating this symphony of light and shadows.

Introduction to Isak Hall

 March 17, 2024.