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Generation Glas

June 9 — August 12, 2023


Generation Glas

Art glass is deeply ingrained in Swedish culture and heritage. It is seen as a national treasure and a source of pride for the country. Sweden’s longstanding tradition and rich history of glassmaking dates back several centuries and can be traced to the mid-17th century when the first glassworks were established. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Swedish glassworks collaborated with renowned artists and designers, resulting in unique and innovative glass artworks that push the boundaries of traditional glassmaking.

In the wake of the closure of major glassworks, a new generation of glass artists and designers has established themselves and developed a new, more individual, platform for Swedish art glass. This new, young group of artists and craftsmen – let's call them Generation glass – has revitalised the scene. From their hot shops in the “Crystal Kingdom” of Småland, the Stockholm area and Denmark, and with experience from historically important glassworks, the artists demonstrate their ability to mix traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics and create works that are both timeless and modern.

We are delighted to present works by Hanna Hansdotter, Isa Andersson, Maria Bang Espersen, Frida Fjellman, Bjørn Friborg, Simon Klenell, Fredrik Nielsen, and Rasmus Nossbring. Each artist has pushed the boundaries of the material and its expressions, showing the aesthetic and technical possibilities of glass. These inspired and gifted strong individuals are also not afraid to cooperate with each other as a team, designing and blowing glass together, finding strength in a shared passion.

Introduction to Generation Glas

 June 8, 2023.