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Christine Ödlund


Christine Ödlund is a contemporary Swedish artist whose work combines hyperrealism and fantasy, often exploring the intersection between art and nature through the unique use of plant pigments. Her artistry is characterised by a deep curiosity and a mystical approach to her subjects. For example, Ödlund’s depiction of the swamp showcases an ability to curiously observe and reconsider her subject from endless new perspectives. At the same time, her mappings are philosophical, prompting questions about existentialism: What is humanity's place in nature? Can humans and nature coexist? What does it mean to die? 

Her works often act as metaphors, inviting viewers to explore complex questions about humanity's place in nature, the coexistence of humans and the natural world, and the nature of life and death. Ödlund's recurring use of colour made from plant pigments, manifests a visual language where humans and plants can communicate with each other. This fascination with the natural world, and how energy transforms through different materials, is evident in her scientific and archaeological approach to her subjects, where every grain and fibre of her investigations is meticulously preserved or transformed into new life. Perhaps for that reason, Ödlund articulates her concepts through a wide array of mediums: sculpture and various forms of imagery, performance, movement, and most recently, sound. This is a multidisciplinary approach that highlights the symbiotic relationship between her visual and auditory art forms. 

Christine Ödlund's work has gained international recognition, most recently at the Swedish Institute of Paris, and the Triennale in Bruges. Her visionary art places her among notable figures such as Hilma af Klint and Carl Fredrik Hill, making her a significant contemporary artist whose work continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. 
Her latest exhibition at CFHILL, "Four Dimensions of a Swamp," not only highlighted her visual art but also the release of a record produced in collaboration with experimental record label IRRLICHT. Additionally, Ödlund's "Psychadelic Botanist" series, first shown at Bozar in Brussels, further exemplified her innovative approach to historic contributions to science and art. 

Selected Press

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DN: Ett utforskande av livets mysterier
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