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CFHILL Art Advisory Services


CFHILL’s Art Advisory team guide our clients through the global art market, helping them build collections and achieve liquidity from artworks by offering transparent advice and insight based on expert research, exclusive access and intelligent market analysis.

Our expertise and extensive global network enables us to protect our clients’ interests and assets by ensuring they always get the most favourable outcome on all transactions.

CFHILL’s Art Advisory team has extensive industry experience from careers in auction houses, galleries and art investment services. We specialise in offering all levels of art consultancy to our clients, including:

Private Art Collection Services

Tactical advice on acquisitions providing expert service, including; sourcing, due diligence, expert viewings, deal negotiation, acquisition and auction strategy.

Independent selling advice in order to reach the most favourable financial outcome for our clients, including; negotiating terms of sale and pre & post sale logistics.

Collection Management
Inventory management, logistics, installation and storage facilities.

Collection and object review and agency advice for insurance, selling and estate planning purposes. Experts authorized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for insurance purposes.

Corporate Collections

Collection Strategy & Acquisitions
Soft and hard values achieved through corporate collections: Patronage and CSR strategy. Advice on building corporate art collections based on ethos, industry and business model.

Collection Management
Inventory management, logistics, installation and storage facilities.

Art Investment Services

Art as an Asset Class
Advice and guidance on all aspects of investing in art as a portfolio diversification tool.

Art Market Analysis
Art market research and intelligence. Market segment and risk analysis.

Artist Reports & Research
Artist reports and research. Due diligence research.

Art Fairs, Events and Education

Art Fair Guidance
Private tours and guidance with access to major art fairs in Scandinavia and around the world.

Private Vistits to Museums etc.
Private visits to museums , galleries and artist studios. 

Talks and Presentations
Artist talks, art market presentations and private CFHILL exhibition events.