Three Quick Questions for CFHILLs Michael Storåkers



“ANNUAL resulted from me doing what I always do: follow my curiosity and to contribute with something new to the gallery scene in Stockholm. It’s too easy to just drift downstream and forget that true genius never stands around waiting by the side of the highway. The Moderna Exhibition, the Whitney Biennial, and now Fondation Cartier as well; they’re all producing shows that offer a wider audience an insight into what’s going on. This represents our own contribution. Also, one of the very reasons for CFHILL is to show appreciation for an artist during her or his lifetime. Not as in the case of the artist in our firm name, Carl Fredrik Hill, who never experienced fame and celebration.”

What characterises this first edition?

“The one thing these five artists have in common is that they’re all headstrong, although in very different ways. Also, three of them–Jennie, Åsa and Pia–have chosen Gothenburg as their base, and Isak has his studio in a forest in the north of Sweden. Their perspectives on history and light have blown my whole world wide open.”

Have you had any big surprises along the way as you’ve worked on this exhibition?

“Pia Mauno’s extraordinary painting with her twisted Louise Bourgeois/Graffiti-anarchy brought me to my knees. And Ester Eriksson’s drawings made me laugh my guts out at first, but then, gradually, I was struck by the delicacy of her lines and the darkness that she expresses, both in terms of the mental states she portrays and the bleeding ink.”