“First of all, thank you for the enthusiastic response to last week's Weekly column. Here are six more favorites.”

Weekly is our own report on what art works are in our minds at the moment.
If you're interested in any of the works, please let us know!

Michael Storåkers
Chairman & Head of Contemporary
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Paloma Varga Weisz
Nose Monkey
Edition of 3
46 x 40 x 40 cm

”Okay, so I’m obviously fond of animals. Or rather, I identify myself with them in a peculiar way. Paloma is one of the acquaintances I made this year that I appreciate the most. What a spectacular sculptor! What artist today would go to an artisan school in a small town in Germany to learn woodwork? There’s something magic about the touch and the surrealist aura of times past and humanity. ”


Ulf Rollof
Cinema Painting Pink Pirate
Oil on linen canvas. LED light box with aluminium box
207 x 157 x 10 cm

”He is one of the bravest artists I know. This was obviously proven at his recent Moderna Museet exhibition in Malmö. He has a way of showing that art is urgent and literally lifesaving. His sculptures from the 90s are shaking, almost shocking. This one shows another side, the playful and joyous that denounces death.”


Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Store Front, Project
Collage (pencil, wax, crayon, wood, Masonite, enamel-paint, fabric, plexiglass, galvanized metal, cardboard and electric light)
96 x 122 x 6 cm

”Some art collectors have difficulties with conceptual art, while I’m drawn to those artists. One artist who bridges over the object and the idea in a fantastic way is Christo. He works with a limited number of themes that he repeats and varies. This Storefront from 1965 is a gem. For me, it embodies the soul and zeitgeist of post-war New York and the beginning of the golden commercial era of the Big Apple.”



Math Bass
Gouache on canvas
133 x 381 cm

”It’s funny how much we sometimes associate brands and logos with totally personal memories. In particular those from our childhood. Bloomingdales isn’t just a commercial sign, but a signal that can make us travel in time. Places where we got lost, went to with a grandmother, saw something beautiful that imprinted our notion of beauty and so on. Math Bass was part of our exhibition L.A. Dreams and right after that she opened a solo show at Mary Boone Gallery in New York. We will hear more of her in the near future. That’s for sure!”


Mary McCartney
Gently Holding Frog
101,6 x 67,3 cm
Edition of 2 + 2 AP

”Right now, her works are shown at Fotografiska. She was the most famous daughter even before she was born, the first Beatles-baby. She grew up with extremely creative and supporting parents who let her explore her own artistic world. One of my favorite photos in all the categories, is this one. Linda McCartney holding a helpless frog in her hands. It’s both funny and portrays a strong image of parenthood.”


Ivan Aguéli
Oil on paper-panel
21.5 x 33 cm

”It’s so small and yet so imposing. Ivan Aguéli (1869–1917) was a unique person in so many senses. While many of his contemporaries travelled to France to get their shoot of novelty, Aguéli took ideas extremely seriously and went further, to northern Africa, after which he learned Arabic and converted to Islam. Actually his name is Abd Al-Hadi Aqhili. A great intellect, a visionary and an oddball. This landscape is so heavy it almost falls from the wall.”