“My two passions in life are music and art. Throughout art history, music has played a crucial role as a source of inspiration for artists. In art collecting, looking for these kinds of themes can serve as a creative guiding light. The result of doing so is a coherent, yet ever-changing collection. Here are a few of my favourite artworks right now.”
— Marcus Kinge

Weekly is our own report on what art works are in our minds at the moment.
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Marcus Kinge
Specialist Classic & Modern Art
+46(0)70 954 83 72


Yrjö Edelmann
Porträtt med citron
Oil on canvas
38 x 46 cm

“Personally, I find Yrjö Edelman’s works to be underestimated. Of course, his trompe-l'œil paintings depicting wrapped packages have received high praise for their technical brilliance, but in my opinion, there’s more to them than that. He’s a pop mystic with an incredible ability to infuse a unique atmosphere into his photographic realism–an atmosphere so powerful that time grinds to a halt. Take a look at this mix between Magritte and MA Numminen.”


Parker Ito
A lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night ceramics #8
Oil, hydrodrip print and polyurethane on ceramic
30,5 x 30,5 x 25,5 cm

“He was the youngest artist featured in our show LA Dreams this spring, and he may be the one of the participating artist whose works are the hardest to describe in words. This is probably the very thing that makes his works so attractive and enigmatic. His unconventional persona and his unwillingness to appear in public or make any statements on his art whatsoever has provoked – and seduced – the art world in Europe and the US.”


Christophe von Hohenberg
Fashion Designer Steven Sprouse with Singer Deborah Harry (Blondie), 1987
Digital Print on Hahnemühle
101.6 x 152.4 cm

“Debbie Harry personifies the musical transition from the 70s punk beats to the glam and synthetic sounds of the 80s. Her original style picked up on the trademarks of punk, but adapted these elements to a style suited to the red carpet and the exclusive fashion houses. If you ask me, she’s an icon. Here, von Hohenberg has captured her at Andy Warhol’s memorial service in the company of Steven Sprouse, the great fashion designer, whose creations Debbie Harry made immortal.”


Peter Blake
Cover for 'TV Guide', USA, 18 November 1995
27,8 x 19 cm

“There are a few iconic 20th century images that almost everyone will recognise. One of them is the cover of the Beatles eighth studio album. This sensational album, which heralded a significant shift in the Beatles’ path, but also in the world at large, simply couldn’t be released without an equally sensational cover to go with it. Peter Blake (b. 1932) was already a renowned British pop artist, and the task, along with a quick and loose sketch by Paul McCartney, fell into his hands through the agency of their mutual acquaintances. This version is the original collage to the TV-guide promoting the famous 1995 documentary about the band.”


Lage Lindell
Fåglar, 1970
Oil on canvas
49 x 79 cm

“One of the most lyrical artists in the Swedish post-war era, and one of my own personal favourites. Lage Lindell (1920–1980) had a great eye for details, and was deeply influenced by music, particularly by jazz. His compositions always move horizontally, like notes in sheet music, or figures dancing. I can actually hear the music when I see his works!”


Mikael Jansson
Iggy Pop #3 Stockholm 1977
C-print aluminium mount
80 x 80 cm

“Besides his iconic music, Iggy Pop’s foremost signature is the image of his own bare torso – a modern version of the heroic sculptures of the classic age. His inimitable body language during his live shows is just as important as his songs. In this vibrant portrait from Konserthuset in Stockholm 1977, Mikael Jansson has captured every last bit of this rock star’s intensity, pain, and joy.”