“I am a people-person; I like people and I enjoy being around them. When I think of art that I love, most often, it includes representations of human beings in some technique or other. This, evidently, is also true of the works I’ve chosen for this contribution for Weekly.”
— Michael Elmenbeck

Weekly is our own report on what art works are in our minds at the moment.
If you're interested in any of the works, please let us know!

Michael Elmenbeck
Creative Director & Head of Exhibitions
+46(0)70 714 40 72



Camilla Åkrans
Edita on Pink, 2011
Archival pigment print
70 x 100 cm

“Another of our Swedish mega-talented fashion photographers. Camilla Åkrans’s works have been described as “minimal sensualism on women’s conditions”. Her works have been published in all major magazines and are also included in important art collections. This face of Edita is the face of a queen, a Cleopatra.”

Georg Oddner
Granatäpple #1, 2000
70 x 60 cm

“In my opinion, Swedish documentary photography is to be found in the highest league and Oddner distinguishes himself within this group of photographers active in the 1930s to 1950s. This is a typically art historical motif, a still life, a memento mori, reminding of the beauty of decay.”

Mikael Jansson
Daria, The Archipelago series # 24, 2014
Silver gelatin mounted on aluminium
Exclusively available in the collector box
50,8 x 40,6 cm
Edition of 5 plus 2 AP

“For most Swedes born before the 70s, Lena Nyman is an icon. She represents the shimmering and paradoxical era of innocence and political (left) movement. She had a longlasting career and many of us grieved when she passed away. It’s her face on the cover of the magazine, most probably from the controversial film I am curious from 1967 that strongly contributed to the image of Sweden being a sexually openminded country. In Mikael Jansson’s photo, it works as a journey in time.”


Anders Krisár
Half Girl (right), 2018
47 x 23 x 18,2 cm
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

“It’s fascinating how his sculptures evoke feelings. Strong existential emotions. The bodies refer to the most classical masterpieces of the Hellenic era. Krisár adds the Cut, which in this context, signifies separation. While the Greek ideal is about human sovereignty, his works deal with the idea of dependence.”

Mary McCartney
Stella in Flower Field, 2004
100,2 x 150,5 cm

“The iconic photographer Mary McCartney visited CFHILL a little more than a year ago. She has a fantastic way to express every day situations from surprising angles. Here's her sister Stella McCartney, the fashion designer. An adorable portrait. The exhibition Mother & Daughter, featuring photos from Mary and Linda McCartney, are shown at Fotografiska right now.”

Tomas Lundgren
Oil on canvas (Diptyche) 
41 x 33 cm each

“With his technical brilliance and seriousity, Tomas Lundgren is one of my absolute favourite painters. His scale always goes from dark grey to white. Hardly ever pure black. With this restrained palette, he revives what’s been long gone and forgotten. It’s as if he portrays history or memory. I really look forward see what’s next for this young promising artist!”