”At this moment I’m in a kind of a summer mode. As many people are I guess. The season is coming to an end and there’s been time for reflection on art works that have stayed in my mind – and grown.”

Weekly is our own report on what art works are in our minds at the moment.
If you're interested in any of the works, please let us know!

Michael Storåkers
Chairman & Head of Contemporary
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Kristin-Lee Moolman & Ib Kamara
William Nkuna, Johannesburg, 2026
Digital pigment print
108,5 x 75,5 cm. Edition 5 + 2 AP

”A year has passed since our exhibition with this crazy talented duo. Ib Kamara, the stylist from Sierra Leone and the photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman from Johannesburg re-imagined black male beauty. It’s stunning, it breaks my heart and it’s liberating. I love this idea of the future.”


Knut Lundström
Nature Morte
Ca 1922-24
Oil on panel
44 x 32 cm

”Something that really fascinates me and that keeps me obsessed with art is the ability to imagine far beyond the real world. Knut Lundström had a truly original and fresh approach to what art can actually be. He is one of the most original non-figurative Swedish artist. And very serious. This was his way to express harmonies and tones. He sure convinces me.”


Ylva Snöfrid
Mask After the Transmutation Ritual (nr.3)
Oil on canvas
63 x 43 cm

”This work wasn’t in our show, but originates from the artist’s studio in Athens a year ago. There, she lived with her family in a symbiosis with her art and with her alter ego, Snöfrid who eventually melted in to Ylva in the CFHILL exhibition. This self portrait shakes me. It’s simply brilliant and shows that she’s reached a new level in her painting.”



Anders Zorn
Läsande modell
Oil on canvas
82,5 x 54,5 cm

”What had happened if Anders Zorn would have lived longer? This strikes me when I see this unusual work. To paint naked girls in Mora might not be the unusual, but the way he uses contrasts in surface and material. Wow! Her skin pops out against the stormy background. He’s definitely closer to Lucien Freud than to his contemporaries.”


Liselotte Watkins
Painted Terracotta
50 x 50 cm

”I love simple and beautiful things. Liselotte Watkins, a formerly genious fashion illustrator, has found ceramic vases at markets in Rome and just give in to the archaic beauty of the old shapes. With her inventive and decorative pattern, she’s made them totally hers, but also she pays a tribute to all the women that once created the urns and used them in the household.”


Mikael Jansson
Daria, The Archipelago Series # 15
Sweden, 2014
Silver gelatin mounted on aluminium
55,7 x 69,5 cm. Edition: 5 + 2 AP
82,6 x 105 cm. Edition: 3 + 2 AP

”People who know me well know how terrified I am of horses! Maybe that’s why I feel drawn to this particular work in this series from 2014, when photographer and model went out in the Stockholm archipelago to catch the Bergman-blues and the Swedish sin. The series was then published in Interview Magazine.”