Tom Böttiger
Collection Part.1
September 26
— November 15


A collection charged with passion and love – Tom Böttiger at CFHILL.

One of Sweden’s most notable art collectors, Tom Böttiger, has decided to sell his collection of Swedish art. Until recently, the collection, which includes works by Marie-Louise Ekman, Sally Mann, and Astrid Sylwan, as well as many photographs and sculptures by the leading contemporary artists, has been on display in Böttiger’s business premises at Cloud Nine on Narvavägen. 

Tom Böttiger began his professional life in the dawn of the Swedish advertising boom of the 80s, when he worked alongside the pioneers of the field. Later, he was an early predictor of future shopping habits as the transition from physical to digital stores began.

In the early 2000, Tom Böttiger founded his company Cloud Nine, where he was able to unite his belief in the importance of art for creative processes with his passion for collection. Now that the business is relocating from its roomy offices in Garnisonen, these loose ends are being tied up in order to make way for a new chapter. His shares in the company are for sale, as is the result of his 30 years of art collecting.

“I love my art, and the works are like friends to me. These have been some incredible years, and I’m delighted to have had this opportunity to spend time with the art every day, and share this experience with my co-workers. Now, I’m looking to the future, and I’ll continue collecting art, although perhaps in a slightly different way”, says Tom Böttiger.

The collection is to be sold at CFHILL, in two stages. An initial selection of works will be presented this autumn, and a second one will follow in the spring of 2020. The collection includes paintings by Helene Billgren, Lena Cronqvist, Maria Miesenberger, and Johan Scott, as well as a whole bunch of photographs by Hans Gedda, Christer Strömholm, Sally Mann, Martin Bogren, and others.

“CFHILL acknowledges the responsibilities involved in offering works by such significant artists for sale. Tom has an astonishing intuition when it comes to art, and he’s always had a knack for picking up the best works before anybody else. So, this is a unique opportunity for anybody who missed their chance the first time around. In its entirety, the collection is a true feast for the eyes, featuring several outstanding highlights. I’m really looking forward to these two exhibitions of his collection we’ll be producing this year and next”, says Anna-Karin Pusic, one of the founders of CFHILL