Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Come Again
March 15
— April 9, 2019


A Love Story About New York

It is the smell of chlorine at a bar at 5pm, it is the humid slithering dripping summer sunrise, it is the explosive altered state sunset seen from Brooklyn Bridge with a “Margarita to Go” in hand.

It is the sounds, the clicking, the screaming, the laughing, the punching, that cracks your body in thousands of most perfect pieces.

Thank You is about the place where people go when they don’t have anywhere else to go, when their hometown is too small to fit a real queen.

It is the place where the verge of crazy is the most perfect state of mind.

Where sex is more rather than less.

Thank You is about the place that breaks you if don’t let it take care of you.

If you fuck with me I will fuck with you.

Thank You gives you a glimpse of personal stories shaping a specific generation of art that is all around me-the power of differences being at the core.

Sophie Mörner, Curator

New York became a refuge for intellectuals, dissidents, and the persecuted during the 30s and 40s. After the war, the city became symbolic of everything that wasn’t the tradition-burdened and imploded Europe–a new, blank slate. Nothing short of rebirth in an entirely different location could make new art possible. New York turned out to be the place, full of migrants, accents, broken histories, and scents as it was. This place has proven to have an incomprehensible ability to keep repeating the trick of seeming new, full of the spirit of sedition and explosive energy. It’s really no surprise that it is still artists’ favourite place on Earth. We recently showed a selection from one of these phases in our East Village Revisited exhibition, which focused on the 80s. Now, it’s time for another one. Just like then, the avantgarde of New York emerges from the queer movement.

Sophie Mörner is one of many Swedes who have made the city their own, and found a home in an open, creative network of seekers who sought out a city which, despite the dark political times we live in, serves as a refuge for freedom seekers and boundary-defying, maximalist, permissive, tender, and sublime decadents. Through her own openness and her sense for works that have impact and express genius, she has established a community of artists who, through their love of art and for each other, have brought about some of the most interesting goings-on in the global art scene today.

CFHILL is proud to present nine young artists, still only in the outsets of their careers, who are already up there with the stars: Hayden Dunham, Cajsa von Zeipel, Klara Lidén, Raul de Nieves, TM Davy, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Juliana Huxtable, Stewart Uoo, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. Come again.

Michael Storåkers
Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Elmenbeck