Ten by Ten
November 10
— November 25, 2016


The breath of eternity

A few years ago, I met an economics professor from New York University. He had developed an index showing how the value of certain artists’ work had changed over time. Unsurprisingly, this was of great interest to collectors, and after one of his lectures, I couldn’t resist asking him what he thought the future held in store. He gave me a stern look, then said, “I’m an economist, not a fortune-teller.” After a silent moment, however, his features softened and he added, “But looking back at history, I’ve never seen art stop being meaningful to people. Never ever. Not in any country, not in any period.”

For the second time since CFHILL opened its doors in January 2016, we are bringing together ten masterpieces by ten outstanding and very different artists whose careers span 130 years. It’s an impossible luxury: no need to limit oneself to common themes, motifs or periods; instead, simply surrender to impulses, splashes of colour, fine distinctions, decades of experience, a unique moment, or the breath of eternity, captured in a thousand subtle hues of ochre.

And all in ten works of art. Exhibiting art like this offers a rare opportunity to explore whether there is some common property shared by works of genius. Is it a dogged determination to explode the bounds of the frame like Imre Bak, or to land a claymation knockout blow like Nathalie Djurberg, or to show how cubism and fauvism can generate real heat like Sonia Delaunay, or is it something somehow contained in Malcolm Morley’s wild night at the Chelsea Hotel?

See for yourself.

Welcome to the show.

Michael Storåkers
Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Elmenbeck