Ten by Ten
April 8
— April 24, 2016


Ten artists, ten magnificent works – one exhibition.

Every encounter with art, old or new, is experienced in the present. Therefore, all art is contemporary. Carl Fredrik Hill is just as relevant today, and our guiding light. He renewed landscape painting, but also anticipated the nude paintings of Picasso. His drawings, created during a period of illness, inspired contemporary artists such as Georg Baselitz and Gerhard Richter.

For our first exhibition, we have selected timeless works of art that induce a passion for the extraordinary, now and forever. Liljefors’ swifts, Dubuffet’s doodle sculptures, Djurberg’s contorted faces and more. Created over a 150-year period, ten artists and ten truly magnificent works.

Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Storåkers
Michael Elmenbeck