Art or Heat?

Visit Miami to Experience Both!

Here comes CFHILL’s own shortlist, to help you choose from this abundance of offerings


The first few weeks of December are generally a hectic time. So, why not make like a leaf – and fly away? Welcome to Art Basel Miami, December 6–9, by far the largest art event in America. The huge fair offers everything from newly established galleries, iconic masters, and feminist pioneers to hyper-ambitious museum exhibitions.

No other event can offer an opportunity like this to see the very best artists from the entire American continent. And it’s hot, too.

The 17th edition of Art Basel Miami is on its way, and CFHILL will be there, of course. 268 leading galleries from 35 countries have been invited, 29 of which are participating for the very first time. Focus: Latin America. Something that might be worth knowing is that art fairs often have a very good sense of what the next big thing in the avant garde will be. Because of this, it seems likely that this year’s theme indicates which region will be the hottest next year. Here comes our own shortlist, to help you choose from this abundance of offerings and to get to know the names that are likely to be the talk of the town.

Photo: Oscar Santillan,  Baneque (a crystallized phantom island) , 2016

Photo: Oscar Santillan, Baneque (a crystallized phantom island), 2016

Photo: Faith Wilding , “Tree of Life,” 2017

Photo: Faith Wilding, “Tree of Life,” 2017

Center stage: Pioneers of Art History
Part of Art Basel Miami

Every work of art that was ever made was once contemporary and unfamiliar. The Survey section is entirely dedicated to art history. Sixteen galleries present artists who received a lot of attention a few decades ago, who have made an impact, and whose oeuvres had remained relevant to this day or have recently become relevant anew. Two of these important, highly topical names are Faith Wilding (b. 1943), a pioneer of feminist art who will be shown by the Anat Egbi gallery, and the Hales Gallery’s presentation of the works of Virginia Jaramillo and her New York era during the time of the Black Panther movement.

Mexican Gallery Features Rising Star from Ecuador

Part of Art Basel Miami

Among the debuting galleries, the Mexican Parque Galería has been the object of particularly intense buzz. They will be putting on a solo exhibition featuring the extremely interesting Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillans, Dawn and Dusk Seen at Once. This series tells the remarkable story of how a group of Mexican astronomers travelled to Japan in 1874 to observe the transit of Venus, when the planet passed between Earth and the Sun. This was the first scientific expedition carried out by Mexicans outside the nation’s borders. The exhibition is included in the Positions section of the fair.

Photo: Marguerite Humeau,  Birth Canal , 2018

Photo: Marguerite Humeau, Birth Canal, 2018

Photo:  AFRICOBRA: Messages to the People

Photo: AFRICOBRA: Messages to the People

Nova – Curated Exhibitions
Part of Art Basel Miami  

Clearing of New York and Brussels always has something exciting and cutting-edge to show. This year, they’re going all in on the young artist Marguerite Humeau. Born in France in 1986, she has already had a solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, and her sculptures leave nobody unmoved. Here, she will be presenting a site-specific installation titled World Matters, which is inspired by Paleolithic Venus figurines.The exhibition is in the Nova section, which presents curated exhibitions featuring up to three artists.

Visit a Museum
Happens in Miami

A magnificent building with grandiose exhibitions, which opened just in time for the fair. Meet Paola Pivi and her exhibition Art with a View, which features feather-covered polar bears at The Bass, Miami. A simultaneously comical and frightening sight. She actually had an exhibition at Malmö konsthall ten years ago. The theme then, as now, was extravagance and exaggeration. Got the Museum bug? Then make sure not to miss the opening of AfriCOBRA: Messages to the People at MOCA. AfriCOBRA is a collective of black artists who organised themselves during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s and 70s. Like many other radical organizations and groups, they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

Photo: Gray Foy,  Dimensions,  1946

Photo: Gray Foy, Dimensions, 1946

Photo: Woody De Othello,  Living Room , 2018

Photo: Woody De Othello, Living Room, 2018

Kabinett – Major Curated Exhibitions
Part of Art Basel Miami

Kabinettis another example of the unique way in which this particular art fair is promoting artists from the American continent. Highlights include a presentation of Uruguayan artist Washington Barcala at Jorge Mara; surrealist drawings by Gray Foy at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art; kurimanzutto’s presentation of work by Mexican artist Daniel Guzmán from his series The Man Who Should Be Dead, But Who Was Resurrected To Another Life; and a Kabinett of Brazilian artist Paulo Roberto Leal at Bergamin & Gomide.

Be a Smart Collector – Bring an Experienced Art Advisor to NADA
“Off” Art Basel Miami

NADA is the New Art Dealers Alliance, the definitive non-profit arts organisation dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in contemporary art. There are some great finds to be made here, as well as interesting opportunities to invest in artists and galleries that are prime candidates for future inclusion in the fair’s official programme.