LA Dreams 2
April 12
— May 12, 2019


Everything is Illuminated

This will be the third exhibition Melanie Lum curates for CFHILL. That’s hardly a coincidence. She has an astonishing knack for bringing together the most exciting artists of a geographical region. The two previous exhibitions, LA Dreams and Mountains & Streams, both presented varied, young artists, poised in mid-air between their recently discovered artistic maturity and the next step of their careers. The kind of thing every gallery owner dreams of showing, basically. It’s only been a year since the first group of six artists was exhibited at CFHILL to great success, but even in that brief time, Los Angeles has continued to evolve, deepen, and add layers to its identity as a major centre in the art world. The city still offers the most spacious, cheapest studios, the most pleasant outdoor temperatures, and—significantly—the best art schools. It also has a tradition of great freedom and independence, compared to New York with its strong ties to pre-war Europe. For example, the fact that the most recent addition to its list of art events, the first edition of Frieze LA (in February), was held in the Paramount Studio’s New York set is typical of the wry humour of LA. It’s as if they were saying, “we can be anything we want, but you could never be LA.” While this sounds anything but humble, this city welcomes anybody, whatever their history, ethnic background, sexuality, and luggage. That’s how the magic trick is done.

CFHILL is one of the newest art spaces in Stockholm. We always try to show what interests us, whether that happens to be a young, debuting artist or a 20th century master. Our key values are curiosity and openness, and we strive to ensure they will be more than empty words by always looking for new brains and eyes to add our team by inviting curators who have feelers out all over the world. Other exhibitions we’ve done with invited curators include Sophie Mörner’s recent presentation of a selection of the latest generation of New York artists, Sandra Weil’s review of the hot art scene of Israel, Francesca Gavin’s take on contemporary British art, and Rick Heron’s moving, epic exhibition presenting the first generation of artists to be impacted by AIDS.

At CFHILL, we’re finally ready to celebrate spring properly, with six captivating and irresistible artists, who all have their own individual approaches, but are also all clearly influenced by the openness and warmth that LA extends to newcomers. We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to Melanie and to the artists Lauren Fisher Davis, Alex Chaves, Justin John Greene, Yanyan Huang, Marisa Takal, and Cassi Namoda.

Michael Elmenbeck
Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Storåkers