Form & Volume
Curated by Francesca Gavin
June 1
— June 30, 2017


The New Formula

In an age of no one dominant movement, painting is evolving at the hands of a new generation. Boundaries of the pictorial plane are challenged, prescriptive historical traditions are reconsidered and the diversity of visual language is celebrated.

For CFHILL’s new show, London-based curator, Francesca Gavin presents the dynamic work of eight young international artists who explore the topography of the age-old medium, re-evaluating the realms of context, surface, and illusion. 

Here, you will encounter pigment that leaps from the two-dimensional plane onto spherical sculptural compositions as in the work of Annie Morris.

Cultural constructs are questioned in Paulina Olowska’s gouaches. And colour is employed not as an adornment but rather as matter in Peter Davies’ abstractions.

In focusing on ‘form’ and ‘volume’, the show casts an eye over the current nature of painting that seeks to represent a subject, idea or an emotion. This contemporary snapshot of an artistic medium that continues to fascinate artists and captivate the public, illuminates the practice of painting today.

Michael Elmenbeck
Michael Storåkers   
Anna-Karin Pusic