August 30
— September 19, 2019


Welcome to our new annual exhibition: CFHILL ANNUAL. In the first edition, we’ll be presenting an inventive duo from Gothenburg, a contemporary feminist surrealist, a mystic, and a cartoonist who has adopted Goofy as her alter ego.

This year’s CFHILL ANNUAL artists:

Gothenburg-based duo Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén have exclusively collaborated on works since 2005. In Stockholm, their works were most recently shown at Moderna Museet and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (2018). Their often monumental murals and sculptures combine playful craftsmanship with thoughtful references to modernism and the birth of Kindergarten. Driven by curiosity and research, they bring fascinating stories to the surface, in which heroes of modernism like Josef Albers and the Bauhaus make appearances. International curator Maria Lind (former director of Tensta Konsthall), who has collaborated with them in the past, has written an essay for the exhibition catalogue.

In the mysterious, romantic paintings he makes using the techniques of the old masters, Isak Hall joins a punky sci fi mood with the natural romanticism of the last turn of the century. Role models like Ivan Aguéli and Rembrandt have inspired this artist to take up venerable techniques that delight the eyes and the heart alike. Isak Hall will be showing at Bonniers Konsthall this spring.

Pia Mauno’s
 paintings move deftly between the psychological, the comedic, and the abstract. This is a treasure of painting, that we are proud to be presenting at CFHILL in Stockholm. Surreal, humorous, and rife with Adidas references.

Esters Eriksson is one of the most loved and talked-about cartoonists in Sweden at the moment. In her world, which is inhabited by has-been Disney characters, Ester plays the lead herself–in the guise of Goofy! Ester Eriksson is currently attending the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and has published two books through Kartago Förlag publishing.