Colors for Future – Greetings from L.A.!

L.A. Dreams 2, 12 April — 11 May at CFHILL
Photos: Daniel Sahlberg


We’re ready to celebrate spring properly. Meet Lauren Fisher Davis, Alex Chaves, Justin Greene, Yanyan Huang, Marisa Takal, and Cassi Namoda. Mozambique, the new political landscape, rural fantasies and colors hot as love itself. Curator: Melanie Lum.


Alex Chaves, born 1989 in New Jersey.

“I’ll be showing five paintings–a mix of abstract, figurative, and a few with icons or pictograms. My works span many styles and genres. Sometimes I make portraits of models, sometimes I do historic painting with some early 20th century stuff, some Picasso.”

He received his BA from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, two solo exhibitions at Martos Gallery in New York and solo booth presentations at Art Brussels and Frieze Art Fair.


Marisa Takal, born 1991 in Montclair New Jersey

“Many different environments clash together in one plane in my work. I think about psychology a lot, disassociation illustrated through colliding worlds. I try to create a feeling similar to zoning out of a conversation, having your thoughts run off... being many different places in your mind once.”

She received her BA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has had solo exhibitions at Night Gallery in Los Angeles and in 2016 was named the recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation's Emerging Artist Award.


Justin John Greene born 1984 in Los Angeles

I’ve been interested in the typical backyard which I see as a space of fantasy, especially since many people of my generation are finding it impossible to consider owning a home with a backyard. These backyards are the delineated spaces of my middle-class childhood, of games and neighbourhood BBQs where one may foster dreams and imagine being king of one’s own private castle. Lives and works in Los Angeles. He received his BA from the Art Institute of Chicago. He has had solo exhibitions at Simon Lee (London), Smart Objects (Los Angeles) and Jessica Silverman (San Francisco).


Huang Yanyan born 1988 in Sichuan, China

“I name my works after time or clouds. Yun means “cloud” in Chinese, and it is also a recurring theme in ancient Chinese poetry. People, like time, are similar to clouds: we’re always changing depending on the circumstances, we’re fluid and sensitive.”

She received her BA from the UCLA. Solo exhibitions at BANK (Shanghai), IBID (LA), Jelato Love (Mallorca) and Tomorrow Gallery (NY). East West Bank corporation collection.


Lauren Davis Fisher, born 1984  in Cambridge Massachusetts.

“I have a lot of affection for this body of work I’m sending, because it holds so much of the thinking I’ve been doing in the studio that I have loved for so long, and because it’s the last body of work I will make there.”

Received her BA from Brown University. She has recently performed and exhibited at The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), The Whitney Museum (New York), MoMA PS1 (New York) Don Gallery (Shanghai) and CFHILL (Stockholm).


Cassi Namoda, born 1988 in Maputo

“I am interested in the paradoxes of African life, the negotiation of Western religion and African spirituality. I like this idea of making work that I would consider “African Expressionism.” It’s like I am taking agency over the idea of European painters that were inspired by African aesthetics.”

Lives and works in Los Angeles and East Hampton. She has had solo exhibitions at Ghebaly (Los Angeles) and Nina Johnson (Miami). Her paintings are in the collection of the Perez Art Museum in Miami.