CFHILL’s new specialist

“A great work of art vibrates in the same tune no matter time period or place on earth.”


Truly one of the most sensitive and experienced eyes for art in the country, soon at Västra Trädgårdsgatan 9. We are pleased to welcome Johan Jinnerot to CFHILL!

In what way will CFHILL change with your presence

First of all, I hope that I can contribute to the already highly skilled gang of specialists. It’s an honor to join. I’ll try and do my best in being a perceptive art hunter. My strength I actually have is a sense of organizing and detect structures and discover projects.

If you were to compete in Double or Nothing, which time period in art history would you choose?  

I would either choose European 17th century or anything from 2019. I ridiculously fond of contemporary art, but 22 years of examining Ehrenstrahls and Chardins kind of leave scars...

You have worked within the auction world for like thousand years, what is your picture of the art market status at the moment?

It’s funny how stable yet fluid the art market is. On the one hand art performs well over time, on the other, it changes appearance and finds new spheres and spaces to turn up in,  charged with new energy. That’s why I’m so pleased to work for CFHILL with its flexibility and outreach.

With a few words, how would you describe the ultimate collector?

The perfect collector is driven by curiosity, intuition and guts. This includes an openness towards learning. A person who affirms genius if it’s a hunting scene from the 17th century or a video by Pippilotti Rist.

Welcome to CFHILL Johan!