Bo Ahlstrand Collection
April 28
— May 21, 2016


Every collection has a unique soul, which is determined by the owner's varied intentions, emotions and level of perseverance. But there is always one common denominator: the pursuit of a great treasure. Whether it’s twentieth-century Danish ceramics, Sami handicrafts, eccentric modernists or icons from Swedish pop art, there is also a desire to accumulate over time. Great collections are created – and carefully selected – with discerning eyes and hands. There can be great pride from the sum total, but also anguish from missed chances. Many of Sweden’s finest art collections have emerged from those pursuits and mindsets to become a platform for continuous development and a cure for mental sluggishness, or even stagnation.

Bo Ahlstrand Collection is one such example. Welcome to one of the largest and most passionate collections of Swedish contemporary art, with carefully selected works of art to reignite the imagination.

Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Storåkers
Michael Elmenbeck