Bea Szenfeld
At Least We Have Dogs 
June 13
— July 5, 2019


Artist Bea Szenfeld is currently at work finishing a brand-new project: a dreamlike hall of mirrors full of dogs. This will be her first major art installation after her celebrated, masterful paper works in fashion and stage costuming. 

Her enchanting paper creations are already familiar and much-loved outside the art world, where she has won herself an audience among fashion and theatre enthusiasts. Bea Szenfeld is one of the most appreciated and eye-catching creators in the country, and her works have been worn both on red carpets and at the opera. The work won’t be available to be seen until the opening day–not even by the artist herself. 

‘This is the first time I’m making something that’s entirely intended for an art context–an installation, basically–and I’m finding it incredibly exciting and scary all at once. I can’t wait to see how the audience will receive it! The work is very much about myself and where I’m at right now,’ says Bea Szenfeld, who has also recently finished work on a large project for the Opera, which is set to premiere next year.

Bea Szenfeld started out as an exceptionally promising fashion designer trained at the Beckmans School of Design. Her graduation project won the H&M scholarship for design. Soon after that, she founded her own fashion house, taking inspiration from her Polish grandmother, a seamstress who worked wonders with old rags and discarded garments. For quite some time now, her trademark has been her masterful work in paper. Her interest in working with paper arose accidentally, after a side project took an unexpected turn. A dress she made caused a big stir, and after that, she began working with paper full-time. Her first paper collection, which was titled Paper Dolls, consisted of handmade fashion garments made from everyday materials like coffee filters, garlands, and laced cake liners, and was made to be exhibited in museums and galleries rather than worn. This was how the idea for her successful collection Haute Papier came about. It consisted of a series of sculptural paper garments and accessories that were designed to be worn on the body. She has also made a lot of more conventional items of clothing. Some of the stars who she has managed to convince to wear her paper creations are Björk, Lady Gaga, Eva Dahlgren, Loreen, and Ola Salo. During the spring of 2017, she designed the costumes for Malmö Opera’s production of Aniara. Bea Szenfeld was born in Poland in 1972, and lives and works in Stockholm.