Arvid Svensson Collection
September 29
— October 26, 2016

Arvid Svensson Collection - One of Sweden's great contemporary art collections

It is CFHILL's pleasure and privilege to present a truly sui generis collection. When someone is a passionate art-lover, their collection can grow quite large over the years. A life has many stages, encompasses many twists of fate. A show like this is an opportunity to view the whole canvas of the life, to see clearly where it is dense with meaning and where it may be a bit threadbare. This collection maintains an unusually high density of interest across the entire canvas. It drips with meaning.

As we see it, there are at least the ways of determining the quality of a collection. First: it has a dramatic arc. Does it tell a story? Can you trace out a theme, and does it have the space and the oxygen to support rich variations in technique and character, confirming and enriching its essence? And third: excellence. The Arvid Svensson Collection meets every criterion.

Dick Bengtsson’s eccentric pranks, such as his first installation in Sweden, Öyvind Fahlström’s poetic mysteries, Jim Dine’s rebellious cascades of colour … it has to be said that these were unusually well-chosen works by each artist. Add to that an importunate passion for the young genius Andreas Eriksson, whose finest works are impressively well-represented in the Collection.


Another wonderful facet of the Arvid Svensson Collection is its absolutely seamless transition from modernism to postmodernism, and its frictionless switching between Swedish and international art. There are many lines of conflict and contradiction in art, some of which have settled in something almost like trench warfare. They are conspicuously absent here. Instead, the interplay of the works is simply stimulating. Take, for example, Nathalie Djurberg’s angry calf, and how well it relates to the grand elegance of Olle Baertling.

We’ve saved the best for last. The Arvid Svensson Collection reflects not just one person’s tastes, but the shaping influence of two entirely different giants of the art world, former museum director Björn Springfeldt and legendary art-loving banker Fredrik Roos. Enjoy the show! It opens up a whole universe.

Michael Storåkers
Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Elmenbeck