Archeology of Utopia
February 17
— March 10,


Art has a unique ability to extend its tentacles, feeling its way forwards in territory that has yet to be explored. Anybody with enough patience and interest in trying to understand and interpret an apparently chaotic world, controlled by complex systems of contradictory currents, is welcome in the artistic space. Stirring slogans are not what’s on offer here; camouflaged clues are more likely the thing. It’s more than that, though. Another of art’s unique abilities is coming up with something we need desperately today: suggestions, proposals and models of alternative systems that might help create a better world.

For CFHILL, it is a boon and a blessing to have the opportunity to present ”Utopins arkeologi/Archaeology of Utopia”, curated by Sandra Weil. With this exhibition, she shows how the impossible can become possible: How the unbearable lightness of fashion illustration (Mats Gustafson) relates to a modernist from the previous century (Siri Derkert).

How a leading light of the Bauhaus (Oskar Schlemmer) is reflected, reinterpreted and revived in the work of an artist who grew up in third-generation Israel, who is trying to interpret (and mend) the shattered wreckage of a fantastic but failed project (Ohad Meromi). How a group of people who find themselves on the run may suddenly experience beauty and a moment of grace (Malin Fezehai). Or how the dream of a land of milk and honey is translated into industrial carpet (Gal Weinstein) even as the humblest of plants is vibrating with life (Christine Ödlund).

We also wish to thank all the writers who contributed to the catalogue: Roy Brand, Maria Carlgren, Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, Elisabeth Millqvist, Paulina Sokolow, Tali Tamir and Sandra Weil herself.

Anna-Karin Pusic
Michael Elmenbeck
Michael Storåkers