5 reasons for art lovers to buy and sell through CFHILL

What makes somebody decide to buy an artwork? What do people wishing to sell work from their collection need to bear in mind? Here are five strong reasons why CFHILL is who you should ask. 

1. Independent, results-oriented

CFHILL operates independently, which means you get a free valuation and the best possible advice on where in the world is currently the best place to sell, whether at home or abroad. We aren’t overly committed to any particular sales channel – the possibilities, after all, are endless. Instead, we guide you to the channel we deem is right for the artwork and the occasion – whether it’s Christie’s in New York, Uppsala Auktionskammare, Bukowskis or a dealer in Paris.

2. Contacts

CFHILL has a demonstrated ability to find buyers both in Sweden and abroad for a wide range of artworks. We focus intense sales efforts on achieving the desired result. It’s all about maintaining a wide-ranging set of contacts and keeping up with what people want – who is looking for what and at what price. 

3. Unique

Motivated buyers are always looking for art that has never or rarely been publicly available – pieces that are must-haves. Examples of such works which we handled in 2016 include Bruno Liljefors’ “Tornsvalor”, Karin Mamma Andersson’s “Klassrum”, Sonia Delaunay’s never previously sold “Composition” and Andreas Eriksson’s “Ted Kaczynski’s Cabin”, both of the latter from Arvid Svensson’s collection of contemporary art, and all four with a special aura and mystique. Essential works with an exciting provenance: famous owners, unusual motifs, milestones of art history, or sometimes simply a particular artist’s greatest work.

4. Confidence

Art-buying is based on trust. It means a lot to be able to deal with a knowledgeable, committed dealer who not only knows everything there is to know about the artwork and the artist, but who is interested in who you are and what type of art interests you. CFHILL has deep expertise on contemporary, modern and classic art, both from Sweden and abroad. A relationship is not built on a single purchase. 

5. Ease

It’s not always a pure pleasure waiting for delivery of an artwork you have fallen in love with and decided to buy. That’s what happens when you buy at auction, however. The anticipation itself may be attractive to people with the right mindset, but for the rest of us, it feels better to be inspired by a piece at the gallery and know it won’t be many days until it’s hanging on our wall. CFHILL can also provide advice and practical assistance if you want a new frame, renovation or simply help ensuring that the piece is hung properly. And perhaps most important, at CFHILL, you know exactly how much you will end up paying.

When is the best time to sell? Contact CFHILL’s specialists for an independent consultation on a sale or help finding a unique work of art.


Anna-Karin Pusic
CEO & Head of Specialists
+46(0)70 445 59 40

Michael Elmenbeck
Creative Director & Head of Exhibitions
+46(0)70 714 40 72

Marcus Kinge
Specialist Classic & Modern Art
+46(0)70 954 83 72


Michael Storåkers
Chairman & Head of Contemporary
+46(0)70 348 96 11

Anders Welander
Senior Specialist Prints & Works of Art
+46(0)70 954 68 23

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